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慈英欄 ([personal profile] fictionish) wrote2016-12-29 02:52 am
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7: Music Recs

My music listening has become kind of stagnant. I'd love recommendations of things to listen to that are new to me. Some of the things I already love include:

-The Glitch Mob
-Austin Wintory
-Peter Hollens
-Lindsay Sterling
-The Piano Guys
-Imagine Dragons
-Linkin Park (some)
-Three Days Grace (some)
-VNV Nation
-Funker Vogt

A little of everything except country, which I can't seem to ever get in to.
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[personal profile] divinemusings 2016-12-29 04:31 pm (UTC)(link)
I like Marit Larsen, VAST, and Heffron Drive. Three very different artists, lol. Just kind of depends on the mood of the day.